You are braver and stronger than you think!

Today I woke up in full on funk. Funk, meaning my mood sucked. My husband was also being grumpy and I knew I needed to do something in order to get into a different mood/mindset or this weekend would be a complete right off. To be quite honest this weekend needed to be a good one as we are going back into more draconian lock down restrictions and who knows what that will bring.

I knew what I needed to do and that was to go for a run and think.

I got dressed and set out. On my Nike Run App I picked the "don't want to run run" a guided run which reflected my current state. Just 25 minutes. GO.

What happened on this run was frickin' amazing. I offloaded all the reasons I had been telling myself in the week that I didn't want to run and found that as I linked my mind and body together that they began to work for me. 25 minutes passed and I kept going. Completed my normal route that I know is 5k, but that's not what was important today. What was important was that I noticed my state and chose to do something I know shifts it to a more positive place that makes me feel good no matter the distance or time. A dose of some endorphins, a sense of accomplishment, some fresh air and some time just for me.

Within this run I thought about a time that I had felt that I just couldn't take anymore, an emotional breaking point in my life, and coach on my app interfered and said "It's easier to tear ourselves down than bring ourselves up". I repeat "It's easier to tear ourselves down than bring ourselves up".

Such a true statement.

All of us have inner demons, critical voices, limiting beliefs that tell us we aren't good enough, we shouldn't do this or try something new, put ourselves out there, blah blah blah the list is endless and that voice pops up so many times throughout my day. The bottom line is that we can learn to thank the critics inside of us and put them back in their shit box which is where they belong.

When we truly realise that we deserve to feel happy, joy, contentment and love EVERY SINGLE DAY of our lives we can begin to think about the ways in which we can achieve this.

When I came home from the run I was funk free. Well almost.... I apologised to my husband as I had called him The Grinch (he had his own funk going on) and we had a difficult conversation that cleared the air and now my day could really begin designed by me in the mindset that I wanted to be in. Funk free. (until the next time!)

Being brave sometimes isn't about doing something big and grand like going for a run or walking over hot coals but simply trusting your own feelings and taking action to be the person who you want to be.

I absolutely believe that you too are braver and stronger than you think!

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