October? How did we get here!

Sat at my laptop looking out at the gloomy rain. My sunflowers in the garden are still hanging on to life but I'm not sure how much longer they will last as the cold weather starts to creep in. Last month we were lucky with lots of sunshine beaming in September to give us the Vitamin D we needed to help to keep our moods in check and a little brighter. As we head into the final stretch of the year now more than ever I feel that it is important to check back on my goals for 2020 and dig deep for the final home run heading down to into 2021. I guess I have linked this to the weather as the season changes to Autumn/Fall. The environment telling us its the beginning of the end (of the year). The days are shorter, colder and we have been told we will be remaining in restrictions until at least spring. All these factors can have a huge impact on how we are feeling. One way of feeling in control of our circumstances ultimately contributing to our mood is to set personal goals/targets. It just gives us focus, clarity and ultimately a feeling of control (over those circumstances that we can).

Let's break this down.... Social, emotional, financial, mental, spiritual, vocational, physical and overall which part am I 100% committing to?

Social- To have at least one telephone conversation with a friend per week. For me this is so important especially as we think we are so connected via social media but actually something so special about hearing your friends voice. Check in on how they are, share a little about where your at.

Emotional- To show gratitude daily. Sometimes we get caught up in the day to day, the making sure everyone is up and out and fed and watered and clean and ....we forget to just pause for a moment and be grateful for one thing in our lives. It really makes you think and reconnect and bring you back down to earth.

Financial- Well for me this is always work in progress. I have set a personal target to save on a monthly basis which remains in place.

Mental and spiritual- To meditate for at least 10 minutes daily. I love this and it has helped me so much during this lockdown period I cant even explain. I would like to aim for 20 minutes actually. I guess therefore the goal is to work towards 20 minutes.

Vocational- This can be work related or if you have any personal development goals. For me, this month I aim to complete my Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner Certification.

Physical- Having spent the brighter months developing my running skills I am damned if I am going let what I have developed go down the pan! I need to get out there at least weekly DESPITE the weather. Surely this is achievable? (as she looks out at the rain)

Charitable- Is there one thing you/I can do to give something back? This month I am going to donate some sanitary items. It is heart breaking to know that there are females who do not have the means to obtain sanitary products. I don't think I need to say anymore.

This month overall I am committed to my charitable and vocational goals. Both of these invoke an energy in me so it's a good sign. When I look back in December over all my months goal digging worksheets I will have tangible accountability for 2020 and a benchmark for what I want for 2021. It doesn't have to be January to start goal setting or working towards something, although many of us start here as a new beginning. Everyday is a new beginning and a new start.

This is your life...what do you want it to look like? Go get it.

Thank you for your time. x

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