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4 days ago I wrote a post about goal setting for 2021 and taking small steps towards your goal. Today I feel compelled to write a post just to clarify and send out a further message given what is going on around us here in the UK. I don't want to make this blog space political but I also want to be honest with my readers/subscribers and that does mean acknowledging that the world around us has, and is affecting us on a scale which is beyond the realms of our expectations and probably our understanding. I want to acknowledge how hard it is for everyone on a day to day basis with work life, family life, social lives (or lack of) our emotional lives changing sometimes at an unimaginable rate.

Digging deep is what it is going to take to survive. I too am finding some days a struggle, like there's a heavier load to carry, but I know that without having set myself some goal whether it be daily, weekly or bigger I wont feel like I have any point of reference. Having a purpose on a daily basis feeding into something slightly bigger is just giving me some momentum at a point whereby life otherwise feels pretty stuck. Today my goal was to complete my scheduled meetings and a bulk of a report that I would ordinarily be able to knock out in a couple of hours max! I spent a lot of time hugging my two year old with one hand typing, the "bulk" looked more like a good try, but fuck, I am only human!

I have recently come to the conclusion with home schooling, and working from home that actually my expectations of my workflow needs to adjust and I need an extra dose of compassion for myself on those days that aren't as productive. To scale back taking into consideration all the NEW stuff I am expected to manage at the same time is going to have to be ok. We cannot ignore the fact that for fast approaching a year we have been told to stay in doors due to a threat to life and this is and will take an emotional toll.

We are all in this together, don't feel alone and reach out if you need to.

Again thank you for taking the time to read, I am grateful x

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