I salute you...

Happy International Women's day to you all. Today I am feeling so blessed and grateful. I feel blessed to have so many influential Women in my life with various strengths that have helped to shape me. Got me really thinking today about strength and what that means. Like so many others worldwide I have been watching the unravelling of The interview between Megan, Harry and Oprah. I found myself getting wound up and shouting at the telly. I have seen two journalist both white and powerful by virtue, both taking issue with the fact that the person whom has allegedly made concerning comments about their baby wont be named. They were all fired up and so upset by this, "We need to know who this person is". REALLY??????????? . This is a woman who within the same interview has spoken about feeling suicidal. Who was battling with what was going on inside her head.

Well, I haven't watched the full interview but from the clips I have seen so far I SALUTE YOU Megan Markle. For using your voice DESPITE ALL ODDS. There is strength in sharing your truth. There are many times I have felt discriminated against and not had the strength to vocalise my truth. If I'm honest the reality is that I was fearful. Fearful that I would get a reputation within the work place, fearful of not being believed etc...

Over the last month I didn't write anything on this site, as I have been finding it hard with the kids off school and maintaining a positive frame of mind not only for myself but for my little ones. But today I am feeling re-energised after some much needed self care (Thank you Charlotte for the walk and Stephanie for your text) and spending time to just reflect on the positive roles models that I have in my life.

My Mum first and foremost for having the strength to redesign her life when her marriage was falling apart. For believing in herself that she could cope. Not only financially, but survive emotionally, she's happy again and she has grafted a positive support network around her.

I lost my Godmother to COVID-19 last year. She was also a massive influential part of my life. She would buy me books and talk to me about 5 year life plans, bought me my first shares in the stock market. She would nag me and go on at me but actually sometimes it takes time to see how much it all makes sense.......God we had so many more conversations left to have. When I buy my first property I'm going to plant a rose bush, with a snippet from your garden.

Not really sure how to end this except to say that strength is different to us all, and sometimes we need to draw on the strength of our network to bring us through difficult times. Thank you to my community of family and friends for giving me Strength.

Take care of yourselves

Sarah x

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