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Updated: Aug 19, 2020

I've been off work now 8 weeks. Managing the home during lock down with my husband and 2 children. This has definitely made me think about the resources it takes to cope with limited income, limitations on space and limitations on practical support available. Fear of the unknown.

Operation inner resources needed to be ramped up by like 110%.

It's funny as this pandemic has forced many into a period of reflection in so many different ways. My health became became a point of that reflection, in particular my asthma and what that meant for me. I had always been limited by this as a child growing up, sometimes requiring hospitalization but the mental impact of it produced some limiting beliefs. I call this "Cant run, Wont run!" So i decided to set myself a goal. Just 5k. I kid you not I told a friend it would probably take me until October. I have never attempted to run in my life as "I cant run. Won't run". Well... 8 weeks later I ran 10K and I am enjoying the freedom that I have found through running. Physically and mentally the feeling of moving forward, the control of my mindset for that space of time where I am fully committed to linking my mind and body has been 100% liberating and this I think is one of my biggest achievements to date.

I tell this little story to just maybe provoke some thought about whether or not you have anything blocking you from filling your metaphorical lungs? Any limiting beliefs that you could smash your way through with a little work and maybe a little coaching.

I have ignited inner resources I didn't know I had and you can too. Allow yourself to breathe, to grow and become all that you can because you deserve it.

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