Birthday greetings!

I started writing a post earlier this week about positive thinking and I lost it! The article and the mindset :) I think it was a sign from the universe that these things come and can go so easily. I could have easily thrown the laptop out of the window and given up but here I am. A few days later ready with a renewed positive mindset.

Well today is my birthday and its a funny old day. In my family November birthdays are notorious for so many different reasons. Some of those related to not so happy memories. So, how do you find happiness and a "positive mindset" when there are so many drippy reasons to get wrapped up in melancholy. It takes digging deep but it has to be a conscious effort and self awareness.

So what have I done today to wrap myself up and celebrate me?

1. Meditate on gratitude. I am blessed to be waking up this morning in a nice warm bed. 10 minutes before the madness to feel my breath and give thanks.

2. Usual morning routine getting up with the husband and getting the children to school/childcare. More blessings.

3. Run! I pushed through the morning's rain, first time I've done this and GOD DAMN it felt so good. I never thought I would say this I am shocked and stunned and am feeling super proud that something I once told myself I vehemently couldn't do I AM doing it despite the odds.

4. Breakfast a hot shower and dancing around the bedroom to Mariah Careys- emancipation of Mimi album. Now its only 10:30 and you can see where this is going....I am designing a day which I am pretty confident (so far as the parts I can control) are going to leave me feeling good.

Sometimes things are out of our control and they do impact on how we feel but I guess my message to you is to think about daily rituals (doesn't need to be your birthday) that provide you with a sense of positivity.

There are health benefits to a positive mindset and god knows we need all the benefits we can get right now. So ladies, if you are still reading and you are in a position do so think about how you can put something in place. Even it is 10 minutes to read a couple of pages in a book with no distractions. Listening to a song that boosts you up? Spraying a favourite perfume that reminds you of a special occasion? There are so many different things. You are worth it and you will feel good.

You cannot be everything to everyone if you are not there for yourself.


Love you all and thanks for reading. x

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