365 days in a year... 365 chances to take a step.

Firstly Happy New Year, Welcome to 2021. Its predecessor was a tyrant storm with all of us affected on some level. I am not certain we have seen the worst as yet but what January gives us is a fresh slate of hope and it's up to us to decide what we do with it. It's usual to set targets, resolutions, goals and I would 100% advocate for goal setting. BUT this comes with caution. I for one have found myself falling short in respect of this. I'm going to do XYZ.....but my technique for doing so was not informed or I fell off the wagon and didn't dare to get back on again. This does not mean failure but what we have to understand is that our brains are working to keep us psychologically safe. It feels uncomfortable to row against the tide, to adjust a lifetime of habits. You cannot create something new by doing the same old same old. Something has got to change. So this time when I set my goals I will be thinking about these questions.

1. Can it be broken down into smaller pieces ( I need small pieces to motivate me).

2.Do I need to learn something to achieve my goal, if so what is it?

3.Am I the only person responsible for the goal or is it a joint goal, relationship frustrations can occur when one party believes they have a shared goal with their partner but actually it is one sided?

4.What's my level of motivation on a scale of one to ten?

5.What are my previous experiences of goal setting? a time when I have achieved my goal and what worked in that situation?

6. How did it feel to achieve it? Close your eyes and sink into this feeling. Sit back and really think about the sights the feelings and sounds of when you achieved something that was hugely important.


I am starting my year carrying through what I set out to achieve last year. A long run and some reflection, Getting out my previous monthly goal setting sheets from 2020 seeing what my vision was and celebrating all that I achieved, some things that didn't get done, and thinking about whether it is still valid to carry through. Sometimes we just need a little more time. That's fine. Everyday we have a chance to take a step. Every day you open your eyes and take a chance at getting out of bed and doing whatever it is that you do is a chance to take a step in the direction of something you truly want. Sometimes though we need to take a chill pill from life and listen to ourselves, NOTHING else but ourselves because we only have one shot at this life and do you want to look back and think I shoulda, coulda, woulda? HELL NO! Sometimes life is loud and noisy and we get caught up. Put off by things we see images that are given to us that massage our internal voices telling us to give up or you wont do it as well as the next person. Social Media is great at doing this. Sometimes a step back is needed or just a little pause.

Remember a failed attempt, IS NOT a failure. It just means that something needs to change.

When I finished my run today I actually cried. My heart was full, happy tears I was overwhelmed. I didn't mean to run 10k, it was my first run of the year. I realised just how important this journey is to me and how personal boundaries and belief systems take time to smash through but when you have that determination and drive, a shift in your mindset, who knows where you can be....if you can dream it, it means that the energy to create it already exists.

There are multiple free downloadable worksheets online for goal setting so I'm not going to rewrite that script. Or, just pick up a note book on your way around tesco's and that's step one sorted. Only 364 to go to see how far you can go in 2021. Let it be the year which you experience the growth you wish to see...

Thank you for your time, I am grateful x

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