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Sunday gone marked the first day of spring. The season that represents a renewal of all things in nature. Flowers start to bloom, the weather gets warmer and we can see that after a dark period there is always light. Today marks a year since we went into the first national lockdown. What a year it has been! We have been experiencing life's cycles of births, deaths and marriages from a far, our sofa's have been the front seat of all of the drama. I am using this space to really encourage you to sit, even if for 5 minutes and think about how much stronger you are as a result of this last year. One thing I know for sure is that YOU have survived it. No matter how low you have felt, no matter how many changes you have had to make to your life. You are here, you are more resourceful than you have ever been in your life and taking some time to recognize this in my view is a no brainer. Sometimes we aren't able to spot our own successes no matter how big or small but in my mind surviving the last year is a big win. Our children have been in and out of schools like yo-yo's, we haven't seen family or friends properly, Jobs have been lost and some are even starting to miss being around work colleagues.

Be kind to yourself today and take some time to give yourself a small reward, listen to your favourite song, have a 20 minute bubble bath, treat yourself to a piece of chocolate because you freakin' well deserve it. Its been undeniably tough for everyone, but one thing I know for sure is that is is going to get better. Nature tells us this so clearly, so take heed. Last year this time I took a photo of the blossom tree outside my house, I just noticed that it was so pretty. So many things I have grown to appreciate and cherish. None of us know what the new normal is going to look like, certainly different from one year ago. So today please, just take a moment to stop, reflect, and treat yourself because you deserve it. Look how far we've come.

Have a lovely day

Thanks for your time

Sarah x

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